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Physical Fitness

There is a general guideline as to what amount of exercise we recommend you undertake to prepare for the trip. Every trek has a big "uphill" somewhere and no treks are easy, but a mental attitude that allows you to relax and take your time is the best way to trek. There is no single fitness program to suit every person. We are all different. There is no better training than trekking itself. Get a day pack on and get out there as often as you can. But if, like most of us, your free time is limited there are other things you can do to fill the gaps.

We consider this to be a moderate trip and on a moderate trip you will be walking for six to eight hours per day, at altitudes up to a maximum of 5,600 meters. At least three to four months prior to departure you should involve yourself in at least one hour of exercise three to four times per week. Walking, jogging and cycling are excellent forms of exercise, so long as you are strengthening leg muscles and building stamina. Bushwalking is also great. If you can manage a couple of valley floor to ridge line ascents per bushwalk, you will cope with a moderate graded trek. Speed is not the essence; stamina, confidence and continuity are.

However, if you are planning to join a commercial trekking or mountaineering expedition you will need to develop a high level of fitness so that you can comfortably and safely endure several weeks on the trail. Booking policy & procedure

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