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Trekking and Climbing Gears

Trekking and peak climbing gears

Equipment Check-list

Porters will carry your duffel bag with maximum 10 kilos in it, as they need to carry up to 25 kilos including yours and other supplies. Your daypack should not be too heavy so that your walking will be comfortable enough.

S.No. Item description Quantity
1 Duffel bag (This should be a good one with good zipper to get rid of rough treatment of baggage from the airlines and the porters) 1
2 arge plastic bag to put inside the duffel 1
3 Daypack 1
4 Trekking boots (this should be water proof) 1 pair
5 Socks for trekking boots 3 pairs
6 Short pants for hiking 1 pair
7 Gloves 1 pair
8 Camp shoes 1 pair
9 Socks for camp shoes 2 pairs
10 Long pants for camp & hiking 1 pair
11 Leeping bag (can also be rented in Kathmandu) 1
12 T-shirts or short sleeved shirts 3
13 Long sleeved shirt 1
14 Sweater / down jacket (can be buy also in Kathmandu) 1
15 Underwear 3 pairs
16 Bras (for women) 2
17 Wind-chatter 1
18 Rain coat or a good umbrella 1
19 Sanitary napkins (for women) 1
20 Bathing suit (for spring treks) 1
21 Warm hat and sun hat
22 Extra clothing for cold sensitive: 1 pair long underwear, 1 pair long wool, 1 wool shirt (long sleeved)
23 Down jacket 1
24 Utility knife 1
25 Sunglasses 1
26 Tube of sun tan lotion (with extra power) 1
27 Towel 1
28 Bar of soap or tube liquid soap 1
29 Toothbrush & toothpaste 1
30 Toilet paper (can buy in KTM & on trek) 1
31 Quart water bottle 3
32 Plastic bags (for clothes organize) 1
33 Flashlight with extra batteries & bulb 1
34 Some common medicine likes: Band-Aids, aspirin or Tylenol for headaches or other pain, antihistamine, Throat lozenges etc.

Extra underwear, extra socks, extra T-shirts or short sleeved shirt, camera equipment, binoculars, collapsible plastic bucket or bowl for laundry, some antibiotic, Moist sealed mini paper towels, Powdered drink mix, Chocolate or candy bars, needle and thread, safety pins, rip-stop nylon tape, dental floss, Ace Bandage, reading material, walking stick, non-breakable glasses if you wear breakable, small musical instruments like harmonicas, small cassette recorder, fun stuffs like sparklers, volleyball, soap bubbles if you like to make fun with your staff.

Equipment for peak climbing

Climbing boots Waterproof climbing Down high altitude
Crampons jacket sleeping bag
Ice axe Gaiters Sleeping pad
Harness Lightweight thermal/ insulated ski Down jacket/ trousers/vest
Karabiners gloves Climbing sunglasses
Ice screws Sun hat Sunscreen
Snow bars Light cotton athletic Lip salve
Deadmen socks and wool Lightweight fleece
Tapes/slings climbing socks Fleece/wool for climbing
Rock pegs Long sleeved Descenders
Helmet (crash hat) cotton/woolen shirts Ascenders
Warm climbing trousers T-shirts Head torch /batteries/bulbs
Long cotton hiking shirts Wool long underwear