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Volunteer in Nepal (Travel for Humanbeing)

Nurture Nepal treks & Expedition team want to Volunteer Program with you to coordinated efforts of all the experts and individuals in different areas under one platform and there on work towards achieving its common goal and mission. It provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to live and work in Nepal. The primary goal of this trip is to boost the life style of the family in the village by creating socio-economical opportunities. We are deeply concerned about designing the program to address the issues of remote area and help the people transform themselves thorough cultural diffusion. Your visits to remote Nepal is going to help them prosper as the money you have paid for the trip will go to the host family for providing food and accommodation, which directly helps them grow Economically.

We are the only company offering volunteer tourism in Gorkha region as this is the home of our company founder Mr. Laxman Devkota and Mr. Chet Prasad Rimal (Ram ) . So we guarantee you to have some good volunteering time in this region as we are very much aware of the geographical, cultural and economical aspect of the region. The program consist of the basic activities like teaching in school , play ground and instrument for small children, renovating the physical structure like school and health post buildings, managing libraries, working in the field with the local farmers and providing medical attention in the health post. Check some of our program below:

Volunteer in Himchuli Primary School
Volunteer in Brahmacharinni secondary School
Volunteer in Bhawani sesondary School
Volunteer in Bal udaya primary School
Volunteer in pandrung village helth post
Volunteer in Satdobato village helth post
Volunteer in football club for janang village childrens
Volunteer in janang village farmers.


What Nurture Nepal does:

-We renovate and re-build the infrastructure of governments and community based school.
-We work in building toilet facilities in local villages and schools.
-We work in Drinking Water facilities in local villages and schools
-We build computer labs and libraries for the local schools and community.
-We empower women in the villages by uplifting their economic, education, health and sanitation conditions.
-We organize home stay volunteering trip in the schools and health posts of the villages.
-We organize training programs for the teachers of the local schools.
-We build shelters for homeless families.
-We work in teaching Nepali & other local language for foreign student in schools
-We provide sports equipment to the schools and local youth clubs of the villages.
-We have scholarship schemes for needy and talented students of the villages for their better schooling and higher education.

Whether sponsoring a child, funding a project or volunteering in the village - opportunities to lend a helping hand are endless. Your support reaches the most remote corners of the Himalayas and goes directly towards the projects for construction, renovation as well as refurbishment of the schools and the health posts in Gorkha. Join us and become a part of the Nurture Nepal family. We are always eager to serve the society together!



Volunteer Program is primarily designed to bring forth coordinated efforts of all the experts and individuals in different areas under one platform and thereon work towards achieving its common goal and mission. It provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to live and work in Nepal. Upon selected for volunteering, an individual gets a chance to make a contribution for the sustainable development of Nepal especially in Gorkha district

Teaching in Schools:

Volunteers will teach for three to five hours per day. Schools are open six days a week, Saturday being the day off. You will need a good command of written and spoken English, plenty of enthusiasm and a lot of patience. You don't need previous experience but you will need to be creative to make learning English fun for the children, past volunteers have taught using word association games, drawing pictures of animals/people, singing (eg "head shoulders, knees & toes!"). Minimum time commitment: 2 weeks.

We are also seeking fluent English-speaking volunteers as the village lacks enough qualified English teachers. If you are interested in volunteering as an Eglish at higher levels (grade 7 - 10), please contact us with your credentials. We prefer individuals who hold a minimum of a college-level degree. If your first language is not English, you can still be considered for the position provided you have experience teaching or tutoring English. MInimum time commitment for the position of an English teacher: 6 months.

Working in Health Posts

Health Volunteer Program also mobilizes medical personnel and health experts to the rural area where the government is unable to provide a formal health institution. With health infrastructure alack, many people in rural villages are required to travel impossible distances just to receive basic medical attention. Further, superstition and orthorox methods of treatment is also rampant. Witchdoctors and shamans are revered as all-cures because there is no access to modern medicine.

In the health volunteering program, the main activities include administering drugs, conducting general check-ups, diagnosing the patients and spreading awareness in community. An invidiual volunteer's responsibilities, of course, depends on his/her medical background, including training received and experience. Our work is particularly pertinent to hygeine, nutrition and immunizations focusing mainly on women and children. By living and working with rural communities, the health program volunteers also increase the exposure of rural Nepali people to modern medicine Nurture Nepal welcomes all interested and experienced medical and health personnel, students including students, professionals, organizations, associations and other groups to volunteer their services in our health volunteer program.


We are constantly seeking support from benevolent individuals and philanthropist to give us a lending hand in our work, experiences and challenges to be infectious. We eagerly collaborate with people and organizations that trust us with their time and resources. We produce evidence of our commitment to making a real difference to the communities and lives of many disadvantaged remote areas.c

buys one set of school uniform (shoes, socks, shirt, tie, pants and sweater)
builds communal trash cans to ensure the villages are clean and rubbish free
buys a sewing machine with sewing material for the school
employs a teacher to run a month-long adult education program in the village
employs a qualified teacher for a primary school for a month
employs a health assistant for a month
employs a qualified teacher at the secondary level for a month
employs a nurse for a month
supplies primary medication in the village for a month (serving over 1,000 people)
biogas cooking system for one household
buys a solar panel system for one family to produce electricity
one computer for school's administrative purposes
builds a decent community public toilet in the village
buys a solar panel system for a school or a health post  

Sponsorship Program

Child Education Sponsorship Program in collaboration with Nurture Nepal Treks & Expedition company . The goal of this program is to provide school level education to underprivileged but deserving children so as to empower them to better their future prospects through education. Disabled, conflict-affected, abandoned or orphaned, these children hail from very destitute families from remote Gorkha villages, northern Nepal.


Who the beneficiaries are:

- Impoverished children with incomplete education,
- Children of the social "low caste" as defined by social and economic,
- Talented children who secure above 80% in their school evaluation but seeking to enroll in better institutions,
- Abandoned or neglected by their parents,
- Conflict-affected children suffering from mental and physical trauma,
- Displaced or subjected to various atrocities during the armed conflict, or
- Working as forced child laborers

How we nominate the children for sponsorship:

Firstly, we go to the villages and try to find out about the background and family-history of the child. For verification, we check the facts with the other villagers. When we are sure that we have a genuine case, we ask the guardian of the child to fill an application form and submit it with supporting documents, duly attested by their school, concerned department and the District Development Committees. We then make a profile of the children based on the facts, which we then publish on our website.

Where your contribution goes:

Investing in children is investing in the future. You have the willpower to make a difference in the lives of the poor by supporting this project with your donation. Annually, sponsors will contribute to the scholarship program for these children. 85% of the funds collected will go directly to the children for the educational needs and 15% of the amount goes for administrative purpose and local coordinators.

How the distribution and monitoring of the funds works:

Local guardians will be authorized to utilize this fund for children's education. We have the local monitors who will ensure that the funds are used for the children’s educational needs and who will also evaluate whether the children are really benefited or not. Moreover they will report the children’s progress in school. We will periodically send you the children's regular progress report in every six months to assure you that the contribution you made has indeed been useful for the purposes for which it was intended.

Sponsorship Options:

Premium Sponsorship

The premium sponsorship facilitates the children with an opportunity to study in a private English-medium school in a metropolitan area. This sponsorship package has the widest coverage in supporting a child's education: USD 120 to USD 250 per child per month includes tuition, meals, hostel accommodation, uniform, regular health checkups, etc. Children who are talented and stand out from the rest are nominated in this category.

Special Sponsorship

The special sponsorship covers the education of the child in an English-medium school in a metropolitan area, but does not include accommodation and meal. The monthly contribution of USD 40 to USD 70 covers tuition, uniform and regular health checkups. This sponsorship requires that the child has a relative in a metropolitan area (ex. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Gorkha, etc.) where s/he will be staying, thus obviating the need for the special sponsorship to cover accommodation and food.

Regular Sponsorship

This is the most basic sponsorship that contributes to the child's education in the village school - most likely a government school - that s/he is presently enrolled in. A monthly sponsorship of USD 20 sufficiently covers the tuition, stationery and uniform at state-run school. Since the education provided in government schools cannot always compete with that in private schools, we strongly suggest considering the regular sponsorship as the last option.


With your contribution going directly towards their educational needs, we will update you on a regular basis with the progress the child is making. Your support translates into a very tangible, positive and praiseworthy result for the child. Further, we will mediate the communication between you and the child to keep you in constant touch. Nurture Nepal will send a package that includes the child's letter to you, school reports and photos. We strongly urge a long-term commitment from the sponsors as the child will not be able to support himself/herself at least until high school level. If your sponsored child is extremely talented he/she may even get the opportunity to study abroad, which can certainly benefit the world. This is what we believe and plead you for your generosity.

We realize the importance of education in the physical, psychological and personal growth for any individual, without which a sound future cannot be envisioned. We are committed to channeling your donations to the children via Nurture Nepal, ensuring the children are directly benefited. Our resolve lies in combating and reversing the misfortune that the innocent children have faced in their lives.